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Sep 9, 2014


Ash Harvest

39 minutes & 17 seconds


This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis.  It's me little hobby, innit.

@warrenellis /

Please tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.  Since I turned into a static site, I suspect a large amount of the previous listenership lost track of the podcast.  You are the hallowed few.

We are #SPEKTRMODULE on the Twitters and the Tumbles.  Know us by our hashtag and our grim cobwebbiness.


1.  logotone by Dirty Knobs


2.  "Everywhere Seems Red Tonight" - Ian Holloway(album: There is Nowhere Here -


3.  "Reverie 2" - Noveller & thisquietarmy(album: Reveries -


4.  "Spindle (N2)" - Gavin Miller(album: Somn -


5.  "ikebana II" - Motion Sickness of Time Travel(album: Alpha Piscium -


6.  "Arjlaja" -Strom Noir(album: Travel To A Human Heart -


7.  "The Room Falls Away" - Smokey Emery(album: Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol. III: Qui Mal y Pense -


8.  "Anchor Garden II" - Michael Ash Sharbaugh   (album: Penumbra -


9.  logotone