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Aug 30, 2013




28 minutes and 7 seconds 

If you don’t know what you’re looking at: SPEKTRMODULE is a podcast of haunted, ambient and sleepy music I compile for my own amusement. 

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Please tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.  We are #SPEKTRMODULE.   

1. logotone 

2  “Sumor” (excerpt) - Chris Watson  (album: In St Cuthbert's Time)

3. “Dreamer Redeemer” – eyedoublecross    (album: VITRIOL)

4.  “Dissonance Alchemy” - Angular Dreams     (album: Noospheric Aberration)

5.  “Sumor” (excerpt)

6.  “Labelled: 'Untitled' - Autumn 78 [Cassette Tape]” - Regina Back    (album: Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture)

7.  “Myojin Waterfall” - Kazuya Nagaya    (album:  Utsuho)

8.  “Sumor” (excerpt)

9.  “Promises” - John Cohen   (EP: Deaf Arena)       

10.  “Sumor” (excerpt)    

11.  “Forever” - Julianna Barwick      (album:  Nepenthe)        

12.  logotone

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