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Jan 4, 2014



Not Waking 

37 minutes and 49 seconds 

If you don’t know what you’re looking at: SPEKTRMODULE is a podcast of haunted, ambient and sleepy music I compile for my own amusement.

A minor one to begin the new year, the new run, and to remind myself how I do this.

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Please tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.  We are #SPEKTRMODULE.  

1. logotone

2.  “IT DOESNT MATTER” -  Dionysus    (album:  UNEXPECTED PATH)

3.  “FIELDS OF DUST” -  Echo Planar      (EP:  LOW FREQUENCIES)

4.  “Heaven's Fire” -  Narita Mamoru     (album:  Music for Butoh Dance Improvisation)

5. "Asteroid Taproom” - Neil Campbell    (album: Boomerang is Love)

6.  “Annealing Oceans of Venetian Potions pt i” -   Alabaster Falcons  (album: Alabaster Falcons)

7.  “2-Cavatina” - Larry Lake     (album: CAPAC Musical Portrait QC-1287)

8.  “a rose for the white witch” -    Stag Hare     (album:  Spirit Canoes)

9.  logotone

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