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Jun 1, 2013



Cloud Circuitry   

39 minutes and 50 seconds 

SPEKTRMODULE is a podcast of haunted, ambient and sleepy music I compile for my own amusement. 

@warrenellis / 

Feel free to tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it. 


1. logotone 

2.  “Small Choir” -  Christina Vantzou     (album:   No. 1)

3.  “Ships” -  Luma Lane   (album: Nice Girls)

4.  “The Last Drop of Weight” - Lunar Miasma     (album: Crystal Covered)

5.  “Goldair” -  Memotone     (EP: Koma / Goldair)

6.  “Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals” -  Leyland Kirby    (album: Interpretations on F.C. Judd)

7.  “The Wounded Platelayer” - The Doomed Bird of Providence   (album: Collision Detection Box Set - Disc 2)

8.  “Morning” -  Rosy Parlane   (album:  Willow)

9.  “Spacious Sighs” -  Jim Cole and Spectral Voices    (album:  Sky)

10.  “Where No Other Can Follow” -  Svartsinn       (album: Nord Ambient Alliance Tour CD 2009)

11. logotone

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