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Aug 19, 2012



Dispatch Render Ghosts   

30 minutes and 25 seconds


@warrenellis / 

On a new computer, and trying to remember how I do this.  A short uninterrupted mix to begin season 2.

1.  logotone

2.  An excerpt from a NOGGIN THE NOG episode, “Noggin and the Pie” – narrated by Oliver Postgate, music by Vernon Elliott

3.  “Departure” -  Voice Of The Seven Woods    (album: The Journey)

4.  “Nerve” -  Laurel Halo   (album: Quarantine)

5.  “Economica” - Jim Guthrie   (album: Children Of The Clone)      

6.  “Dipping” -  Shackleton    (album: Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ)

7.  “Looking in the Ether for Meaning” -  Erstlaub   (album: Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies)

8.  A clip from Tom Phillips’ and Peter Greenaway's “A TV Dante”.  Voices are Bob Peck and Sir John Gielgud.

9.  “Wisteria of Albion” -  Time Attendant    (EP: Tournaments)

10.  “Cave Of Wild Horses” – Pine Smoke Lodge (album: Kambing Utan)

11.  “(Dub)” - Scott Tuma & Mike Weis    (album: Taradiddle)

12.  “Crash Deconstructed” -  Eluvium   (album: The Motion Makes Me Last)

13.  “Gedenkminute (fuer A+K)” -  NEU!    (album: NEU! 2)    

14.  logotone