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Apr 21, 2012

Dirt Launchpad

27 minutes and 52 seconds

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An uninterrupted mix.

1.  logotone

2.  “No Step” -  Filastine   (album: LOOT)

3.  “Turu Ru Ru” - Un Caddie Renversé Dans l'Herbe   (album: Fork Ends)

4.  “Universes All” -  Stag Hare   (album: Liight Being Traveler)

5.  “Teka Teka Šviesi Saulė” -  Etnografinis Ansamblis   (album: Senoji Lietuviu Liaudies Muzika (1971))

6.  “October” -  David Cain and Ronald Duncan  (album: The Seasons (from the BBC Radio Schools Series 'Drama Workshop'))

7.  “space animals” -  Technicolour Sattva    (EP:  technicolour sattva)   

8.  “Wilt” -  Virgin Blood     (album:   Dreamt My Lover)       

9.  “Labor Day” -  Foie Gras     (album: HATE)     

10.  “Mantric” – Tomorrowland    (album: Sequence of the Negative Space Changes)   

11.  “Telstar” - Takako Minekawa   (album: Cloudy Cloud Calculator)

12.  logotone

Lack of speech in this edition (again) is due to two long phone conferences and an exceptionally fraught work period (which is why this is also a week later than normal).