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Mar 29, 2012

Misty Eyed

27 minutes and 30 seconds

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An uninterrupted mix for late nights and early mornings.

1.  logotone

2.  “Fly Like An Eagle” - Tickley Feather   (album: Hors D'oeuvres)

3.  “watercolor rabbit” – aloonaluna  (album:  bunny)           

4.  “Goddess Eyes I” -  Julia Holter  (album:  Ekstasis)

5.  “Thirtieth/Pilot Reprise” - Philip Jeck  (album: An Ark For The Listener)

6.  “Player” – Starbird   (album: Nanook Of The North)

7.  “Ouroboros” - Oneohtrix Point Never  (album: Returnal)

8.  “Introducing Rocket Skeleton Summer” – Concessionaires   (album:  Artificial Interface)    

9.  “Hollow Life” - Frankie Rose  (single: Thee Only One)

10.  “Brother Of Sleep” - Soap&Skin  (album: Lovetune For Vacuum)

11.  logotone


Lack of speech in this edition is mostly down to the fact that I’ve been on phone conferences for the last two days solid and my voice is reduced to a worse rasping cacklehorror than usual.