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May 16, 2015


Sunrise Service

32 minutes and 12 seconds



This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis, who is a writer from England.

I am at @warrenellis /

Please tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.  We are #SPEKTRMODULE.

It lives at

These things may appear in your podcast machinery more often.



1. logotone by Dirty Knobs


2.  "Please Don't" - Dayin(album - Letting Go of People - )


3.  "Endless, Motionless" - Polaroid Notes(album: The Long Bright Dark )


4.  "Ultima Linea Rerum" - Be My Friend in Exile(album: Creator, You Destroy Me- )


5.  "Zauli" - Pine Smoke Lodge(album: Pine Smoke Lodge and Deep Magic Split  )


6.  "Wyrdwulf" - SILENCAEON(album: Thorn )


7.  "The Glamour Of Despondency" - Mick Finesse(album: The Glamour Of Despondency )


8.  logotone