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Sep 2, 2012


Hull Oxide

39 minutes and 45 seconds

Some longer pieces. Mostly. Hello new listeners. Feel free to tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.

1. logotone

2. “Lulworth Calliope” – Plinth (album: Collected Machine Music)

3. “12 Rue Léon Malpièce (extract)” - Crystal Plumage (album: Revue K.7.1 - Pratiques de la cassette)

4. “Saturn Red” - Future Shuttle

5. “All The World Is Toxic” - Charlatan Meets The North Sea

6. “The Other Planet” - Christina Carter (album: Texas Blues Working)

7. “Defense Mechanism” - Mohawk Park (album: Ungeometric Circuit)

8. There’s a bit of an old SAPPHIRE AND STEEL episode inserted in here for my amusement.

9. “Empty Horizon” - Antony Johnston (album: Wasteland Original Soundtrack)

10. “Unfortunate Lie - inst. vers.” – Swans (album: Various Failures)

11. logotone