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Nov 18, 2011



Fire Axes In Space

38 minutes and 11 seconds

A collection of music I like and random thoughts in the week of the collection's construction

1.  logotone

2.  “Sea Of Rains” -  United Bible Studies  (album: “The Lunar Observatory”)

3.  “Crypticism” - Lee Noble (album: “Horrorism”) (other work at Bandcamp)

4.  “AIUIA (apparently blast knot tangle)” – RxRy

5.  Me.  Recorded on phone.  I’m fine with degraded audio for spoken pieces.

6.  “Sofia” – A Grave With No Name  (album: “Mountain Debris”) (comes up a bit loud)

7.  “Elq Milq” - Black Moth Super Rainbow & The Octopus Project (album: “The House of Apples & Eyeballs”)

8.  “Baby Don't Go” - Dum Dum Girls (album: “I Will Be”)

9.  “Rainbow Illness” - Wolves In The Throne Room (album: “Celestial Lineage”)

10.  “Du Meine Leise / Altmix” - Gregor Samsa (album: “Over Air”)

11.  Me again.

12.  “Sunrise in the Third System” - Tangerine Dream (album: “Alpha Centauri”)

13.  “Viking 1” – Moondog  (album:”Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue”)

14.  “Song About a Bird, excerpt” - Gizra People: Traditional Song from New Guinea (album: “Global Celebration: Earth Spirit (Cycles Of Nature)”)

15.  Me again.

16.  “Downtown” - Cosmic Jokers  (album: “Gilles Zeitschiff”)

17.  “‡◊‡” -    Modern Witch    (album: “Beko Box 1”)       

18.  “UFO End Titles Theme” – Barry Gray

19.  logotone